The Basic Signs Of Uterine Infection

The uterine infections are mainly found in women or girls and may affect their health during the entire lifetime if not taken care.

1. The signs of uterine infection are painful intercourse, abnormal vaginal bleeding, constipation, fever abdominal swelling and pain. The uterine infections normally need oral or intravenous antibiotic treatments and pain relievers will be recommended by the doctors.

2. The causes of uterine infections are poor hygiene, sexually transmitted diseases, surgical procedures, miscarriage and childbirth.

3. The uterine infections can be discovered by the doctors by making a pelvic exam and taking sample of discharge with a swab and analyze it with a pathologist.

4. Try to wip front to back after the toilet, stop vaginal irritants like soaps or hygiene sprays. The uterine infections can be avoided by keeping the genital area clean and dry.

5. The signs of uterine infection in women have increase the risks of infertility and ectopic pregnancy, mainly for the infections left without treatment for a long time.

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