Process For Testing An Enlarged Uterus

An enlarged uterus can be treated by going to a gynecologist or any other problem related to female reproductive health. There are few tests that can be taken by a gynecologist for testing an enlarged uterus.

1. Around 3 types of tests can be made to identify an enlarged uterus such as examination, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging. All these tests are done by the doctor to find out an enlarged uterus and its causes.

2. Physical Examination is done by a gynecologist by pushing on the lower abdomen to senses the top of uterus. The fingers can be used internally by pushing on the lower stomach to feel the uterus size accurately.

3. About 2 types of tests are involved in ultrasounds to diagnose an enlarged uterus such as external ultrasound where the doctor moves the wand over the lower stomach and vaginal ultrasound which helps the doctor to have a good view of uterus inside.

4. Magnetic Resonance Imaging can be used finally and it can give exact view of the internal organs. This process is very costly than the other 2 methods and to do this you must lay down on the table with large tube and the machine will take pictures of the lower abdomen.

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