A Perfect Diet For Pre-Teen Girls

The Pre-Teen Girls from the age 9-12 must eat more calories along with lot of exercise to maintain a healthy body weight. By maintaining a balanced diet, the preteen girls can increase vitamin and have high-calorie.

1. The preteen girls must begin their day with having good breakfast. They can eat whole-grain cereal along with sliced bananas or strawberries and avoid sugar. A perfect breakfast can help her metabolism and increase concentration.

2. Never eat white pasta, white rice, refined white flour, soda and candy. Try eating the foods that have high processed carbohydrates.

3. For lunch, eat a healthier meal which is homemade like wheat bread with oven-roasted turkey and snacks like apple slices, peanut butter and celery.

4. The Pre-Teen Girls must always stop eating outside and must stay away from processed and packaged foods. Instead of this they can eat spinach, beans, cauliflower, asparagus and broccoli.

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    I think that I’m fat…My parents say me that I’m not,but the clothes always don’t look really so good at me.I’m one meter 56 cm tall and 55 kg…Is this normal?

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