Ways To Treat Fever Blisters During Pregnancy

Most of the women will face fever blisters when they are pregnant because of hormones. Natural treatments may provide best help in this case than going for counter drugs.

1. Fever blisters are also known as mouth sores which occur because of virus Herpes simplex I. Most of the patients feel tingling before blister appears. Other signs like fever, swollen neck glands and usually body aches will be experienced during fever blister.

2. Fever Blisters will reappear while illness, stress or sun overexposure. In most of the women it will appear due to hormones and it is very usual when you are pregnant.

3. The virus spreads from one person to another while kissing, lipstick with already affected person or sharing drinks.

4. When affected by fever blisters, ensure to keep the affected area clean and dry. Stop eating acidic foods to reduce the irritation and eat yogurt to support immune system.

5. Consume vitamin C and cirtus bioflavonoids atleast 3 times every day and use vitamin E and zinc to decrease the duration. Apply aloe plant juice or ice cube to reduce the pain especially during pregnancy.

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