Unwanted 72; Dosage & Effects

If there is any failure in protection and un-protected sex and you do not want to be a pregnant, then one unwanted 72 capsule within 72 hours will get rid of undesired frequency. Unwanted 72 is an oral contraceptive pill. Prevention is better than cure, first of all if you do not want to be a pregnant take all the precaution, unprotected sex is not recommended. If those protections fail or you committed an unprotected sex, within 72 hours take one unwanted 72. After unwanted 72 your menstruation cycle disturbs slightly, but you really need not worry about it. But a regular usage of unwanted 72 or any other contraceptive pill is highly not recommended.

A repeated usage of contraceptive pills will lead to heavy stomach ache, body changes, irregularity of periods, over bleeding and many other problems. It would be worst in front of your family and friends to reveal that you are a pregnant, so do you use protection, if fails one unwanted 72 will do the job. The cost on tablet is Rs.80, it will be available in all medical shops, there is no need of a prescription to buy an unwanted 72 pill.


However you can go to this post: Unwanted Pregnancy and its Bad Effects and ask questions at the bottom section on that page.

Update: General Answers to Questions:

1. If you got periods after taking unwanted 72, that means you are safe and no need to worry.

2. If you have taken unwanted 72 very close to the expected period date (i.e. around 2-3 days to 7 days before of your expected periods), then this can delay your periods. So nothing to worry if periods get delayed after taking unwanted 72 as in most cases it does delay if you have taken it very close to your expected period date. Wait for 10 to 15 days more and if still no periods come, get a home pregnancy kit and get a pregnancy test done at home.

3. In some cases side effects like irregular periods can occur. You should wait till the periods get normalized and it may take around 2 months for few. So don’t panic and visit a Gynec if possible.

4. In some cases, a minor spotting can occur which is different from the regular periods and people should not miscalculate spotting for periods. Spotting can occur between periods.

5. Taking unwanted 72 within 72 hours is usually safe, and so everybody who has taken it in 48, 36 or 24 hours is also safe.

Special Note: No contraceptive provides 100% protection from pregnancy. So its advised to use a condom every time and use unwanted 72 as an emergency contraceptive only.


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  1. sraboni sen says:

    i took one pill of unwanted 72 after 2 hr of sex, do i have to worried?

    • admin says:

      Nothing to worry about. That’s perfect.

    • Aksa says:

      Is it fine to take 2 pills in a month,how many pills we can take
      Ins month will b eating 4 ur rep

    • nick says:

      i got physical with my g.f but dint had intercourse ,but in excitment i rubed my penies on her vagina n released my cum…as precaution she took i pill within 72hours and within a week had her periods..her last month date was 6th feb..and its 20th march today but her periods did not start yet…is this side affect? or is she preg? what can we do?plssss reply me !!!

  2. neha says:


    • admin says:

      Too much use of emergency contraceptive is not good for body and ideally there is no need for a second pill. But if you are too much concerned you can take another one after 12 hours.

  3. Rani singh says:

    i have intercourse with my husband without precution 14th aug.during period. taken the unwanted 72 on 15th aug. now last 2 days before period had come.i am safe or not

  4. neha says:


  5. SWITY says:


  6. Navneet says:

    i had sex with my girlfriend without any precaution.bt she took unwanted 72 after 1 n half hour.is she safe now ?/?should she have to take one more pill??

    • admin says:

      This question is already answered here. Unwanted 72 can be taken within 72 hours after having sex. The more early you take it works better. In your case it should work the best, so nothing to worry about and no need for an extra pill.

      • muskaan says:

        admin plz reply fast….. do i really need to take a pill. i dont want my cycle to b disturbed ….

    • Binay says:

      I sex with my girlfriend she is in period she take unwanted 72 with in half an hour is he safe

  7. Navneet says:

    thnx a lot….but are tese pills 100%effective?

  8. Navneet says:

    n how can i know that my gf is not pregnant now?

  9. Navneet says:

    plz answer quickly

  10. Nitin says:

    i had unprotective sex with my girlfriend and she took unwanted 72 within 3 hours.bt she was supposed to have periods from today bt she didn;t have,she is feel like having periods from yesterday.is she safe now?

  11. Nitin says:

    me and my girlfriend both are virgin bt on 27 august we both were very excited and suddenly i put my penis in front of her vagina n tried to rub it and then wen i was about to cum i held my penis with my hand bt some sperm fell in between her thighs bt after 2 hours she took emergency contraceptive pill and had somee bleeding after that?will she get pregnant? n her regular periods are supposed to come on1 september n she is feeling like having periods bt she is not having?

  12. doli says:

    aftr 10 day of period i do sex with my husband without any protecn then after 2hr i take unwanted am i pregnanet ?????

  13. minal says:

    i had un procitive sex with my boy friend on d 4,nd then again i had on d 6 … then on 6 its self i took unwanted72, am i safe …… that i may not get pregnant…

  14. minal says:

    its urgent i am waiting 4 ur ans

  15. priks says:

    i had sex without any precautions and then after 28 hrs again had sex without any precautions ………
    nd then she had a pill of U-72 …..
    are wwe safe or need to do smthng else plz guide…..

  16. priks says:

    i forgot to mention my girl frnd did not get any bleeding and is due to have periods within 15 days …..
    plz acknowledge the complete question thanks….

  17. pooja says:

    i had sex 2 days before my periods and my period delayed by one day s
    o i took one unwanted-72 after 65hrs but before 72hrs.m i safe from conception or i need to take another pill after 12hrs.plzzzzzzz… Reply me soon

  18. mugdha says:

    i had a sex on saturday without uing condom den with 1 hour a took unwanted 72, then afterwards a had sex on next saturday using condom but it does work den i again took unwanted 72 within 2 hours, i want to ask dat AM I SAFE? em havng pain on right side of my stomach… plz help me as early as possible..

    • admin says:

      Taking frequent Emergency pill is not good for your health. But in such extra-ordinary situations u have no option left. You are safe if you have taken the pill within 72 hours.

  19. shweta says:

    i had a sex n took pills in 1hr n my date of period was 22nd of this mnth n it has nt came yet is thr anythng 2 worry

  20. asif says:

    unwanted 72 agar 10 din me 2ya 3 din bar sex krte hai to kya ye side effect to ni hoga dene se 72 ?

  21. Saraswati das says:

    I hd sex wth my bf. I am nt sure wheather sperm is in or nt. Bt for safe i took this pil after 65 hour bt with in 72 hour. Will it work?

  22. subhashri says:

    i drinks alcohol and sex with my bf, after 12 hour i take unwanted 72. does it work safely? rply pls….

  23. Nitin says:

    My girlfriend had a normal period after sex,will she be pregnant?

  24. muskaan says:

    i had sex with my bf without condom… bt his liquid did not get in ….do i need to take unwanted 72 ..?? or i m safe …???

    • admin says:

      You should not try this method as a 100% safe method as its not foolproof. Always ask your bf to use a condom. In case if the condom fails, take an emergency pill like the iPill or the Unwanted.

  25. muskaan says:

    plz reply fast … m worried ….

  26. nikita says:

    i hav done sex with my boyfrnd bt he didnt discharge all his sperms in my body bt i was worried a lot about it so took meicine in second day after doing sex…so i want to know dat i m safe or not??

  27. admin says:


    TO ALL THOSE WORRIED GUYS AND GALS OUT THERE: Please do not keep asking the same questions.

    1. Taking UNWANTED or iPILL within 72 hours of sex will help you to remain safe.

    2. The more early you take, it works better. Example within 24 hours it works better than within 48 hours. But still in majority of the cases it works within 72 hours.

    3. If you missed your period, wait for 10 days and check with a Velocit Kit/ Home testing kit which you can buy at the nearest shop. Google for it to learn more about it.

    4. These pills are not for regular use and should be used only in emergency when other methods like condom fail.

    5. Please read all the above comments before asking any further questions.

  28. imran says:

    I had sex with GF on 8-9-11 and on next day she had menses as usual on 9-9-11, but for this month she had yet not menses 21-10-11, do we need to worry, if yes what to do to prevent that , what to do then?

    • admin says:

      The probability of getting pregnant just before the menses is too low, even though it cannot be totally ruled out. I would suggest to wait for 3-5 days and after that check for pregnancy using a “Home Test kit” which you can get at any medical store. Exam: Velocit Kit. Its a urine test which anybody can do at home self.

  29. Sneha says:

    I had unprotected sex yesterday and got my regular periods today is it safe to take unwanted 72 during the first day of periods? please reply urgently.

    • admin says:

      You do not require to take any pills as you have got your periods.

      • Sneha says:

        to be in the safe side, can i take the pill.. will that be harmful as i already have periods? just little worried, if i miss my periods from the next cycle…i am very confused with the situation i have..

  30. laxmi patel says:

    i am unprotected sex with my bf on 29.9.11 and my last period season 15.09 to 19.09 & this time started on 21.10 to till date without stop with 2 pieces of mussul on last day. I am take unwnted 72 on 30.09 .
    I don’t understand , what happen this with me & what to do?
    Plz rpl fast ……….

    • admin says:

      Its difficult to guess what has really happened in your case. Assuming “2 pieces of mussul” meant 2 pieces of muscles, its seems like an abortion took place. In any case, as periods came there is no risk of any pregnancy but its advisable to get yourself checked by a Gynec to avoid any future infection. Any contraceptive whether iPill or Wanted has a failure percentage of 1% i.e. it can fail in 1 out of 100. Such heavy bleeding usually occurs on forced medical abortions. Search for “medical abortions” in Google to know more.

  31. Piya says:

    Hi, i had my period on 15.10.2011t which lasted till 20.10.2011 then i had my period on 21.10.2011 and within 48hrs i took unwanted 72.then one week later i am again having period,is it a side effect of unwanted 72 or i am pregnant?

    • admin says:

      Most probably it is the side effects of the pill. Side effects may vary from person to person. Such cases are unusual, you may visit a gynec for more assistance.

  32. XYz says:

    I hv sex wid my gf yesterday…thn she took u-72… Again we had sex today so der is ny need to tk it again????

    • admin says:

      There is no need to take an unwanted-72 again in such a short period of time. The pill is equally effective within 24 hours. Taking it again can disturb the normal cycle and cause excess bleeding during next period.

  33. andy says:

    My gf took unwanted 72 and for two days she has been bleeding whenever she uses the toilet

    Is this normal? When will bleeding stop???

  34. XYz says:

    MY gfs periods ovr on 2nd nov thn on 3rd aftr sex she took pill… Bt aftr taking it she got the periods on next day again n a bit bleeding …. So is there ny thing to worry???

  35. ammu says:

    i have taken unwanted 72 after 24 hrs , of getting unprotected sex with my husband now 2 days passed after taking pill and i am not bleeding yet am i pregnant ?

    • admin says:

      Most probably not, if the unwanted 72 worked. Taking unwanted just before periods can delay the periods.

  36. vijjuuu... says:

    i had sex with my gf and she took 1 pill unwanted 72 within 2 hours..bt had not taken 2 nd dose as we are not aware of it…
    Does it lead to pregnency or she will be safe..

  37. sam says:

    i had got sex with my gfriend and next day she had eaten one unwanted 72 and after two days we had done same thing and she had eaten another unwanted72 she had got prioed on time but after and before period she is have wbc daily.what should i do?

    • admin says:

      Taking multiple pills in short span in not recommended and can disturb the normal period cycle. In your case there doesn’t seem much to worry, but to be on the safe side you can ask her to visit a doctor.

  38. ammu says:

    i had unprotective sex on 6th nov and took unwanted 72 on 7th evening . still my period hasn’t come.. am i pregnant ? my last period date is 23 oct.

    • admin says:

      What kind of a question is that? Assuming a 28 day cycle your periods are due only on 20th Nov which is yet to come ??? Wait.

  39. manav yuvney says:


    my wife’s got menstru…. 28/10/2011 to 1/11/2011 and after that we made intercourse 2/11/2011 and she took unwanted 72 after using it she get menstru… on 10/11/2011 whts the reason please tell me fast she’s quite so worried

    • admin says:

      The pills might have disturbed the normal cycle or it might just be spotting and not periods. Any emergency contraceptive can disturb the period cycle at times.

  40. nishi says:

    i and my gf had a sex on her 5th day of period. i have used a condom… bt still she is asking to take unwanted 72 …is it safe to take it during 5th day of period .. after having sex she got a bit of bleeding… r we safe or is there any problem plz do reply…

    • admin says:

      If u have used a condom PLUS as it was during the 5th day of menses, there is no need for unwanted 72, but if she would feel more psychologically safe and confident taking the pill, she can have one. No need to worry about the bleeding.

  41. shakti kala says:

    I had unprotected sex on 5th oct night and took unwanted 72 on 6th oct at 1p.m. one table, and my period date is 1st date of month and still iam not having means. please help me

    • admin says:

      Get a home Pregnancy Test done.. Taking pills can delay the regular menses upto a week. But as you are not having it even after 12 days, you should buy a pregnancy test kit and test for pregnancy.

  42. arti says:

    I have done unprotected sex with my husband but iam not prepare for baby so i have taken only one pill within 12hrs. but this month iam not having period,what to do

  43. Akhil says:

    I had a sex with my gf on 15-Oct-2011, and she was expecting her periods on 20-OCt-11 but it did not came. she had an ipill on 15th Oct itself. on 30th oct she went to doc for checking and doc has advised her some medicines that and on 8-nov she had some vaginal bleeding. Please advice what to do


    • admin says:

      As she has got herself checked with the doc, there is nothing to worry. These pills do disturb the normal periods at times , so eventually the periods will get normal.

  44. sneha says:

    is there is any side effect to take in 2.6 mnts gap or its same effective? i took 72 within 30 mints after sex.is there any bad effect to take thairoad related medicines in the same day then 72 will wokes effectively? my period is not so normal, how days after it will clear. on doing firt sex there was bleeding… any thng worry? pls reply..

    • admin says:

      Pills are effective with any kind of gap. No bad effects with thoriod medicines and will work effectively. There doesn’t seem anything to worry in your case.

  45. aaa says:

    I had sex on 9th nov’11.and took unwanted 72 within 3-4hours. Last month I got my periods on 26th oct. But just after a week on 14th nov’11 I got my periods but it lastly only for 3days. I did not understand the reason. Plz hlp me as soon as possible.

    • admin says:

      As mentioned earlier these pills can change the normal cycle of the periods for some women. There is no need to worry as the period cycle will get normal within a months time.

  46. vishwa says:

    i & my gf had unprotected intercourse. Just before was about to remove semen, i tooked my p**is out of her vergina. I know that all semen has fallen on her stomach, bt stil i dought that might one drop may have fallen in her vergina. She immadetly stood up and gone washroom & did urien. Wil she be pragnent? After 48hours of intercourse we had a prge coulour test band to check. It showed negative. Bt then too. Pls help

    • admin says:

      Tests can only show correctly if checked after the missed period dates. So checking immediately after sex will never show pregnancy and is not a reliable method. Whenever you have a unprotected sex, you should take an emergency contraceptive like unwanted72 or iPill. Can be taken within 72 hours of sex.

  47. aaa says:

    Thanks for replying.. I had one more doubt.. I hope there is no more fear of pregnancy?

  48. vishwa says:

    thank you… but pls tell that if only one drop MIGHT have entered…. if it has entered just little inside, can she become pregnant???? pls help… 72 hours r already over……

  49. Ankita says:

    I had sex with my boy friend on 13th of November.I took Unwanted-72 on 14th evening.But I had sex again on 16th night and 17th Afternoon.
    Do I need to take another Unwanted-72?If yes will have to take by today night as today is 19th?

    • admin says:

      You should take one more pill to be more safe. Also you can take the pill anytime within 72 hours, so you can still take one pill.

  50. abc says:

    i n my gf had sex yesterday twice and she took the u-72 today morning at 11 am, again we had sex today at 9 pm… can we go for an another u-72 now??? after how much time she can take it??? and after taking the pill will there be any chance of pregnancy??? please reply soon..

    • admin says:

      You can take one more pill the next day however using this method is not good for health and use regular protection like condoms for safe sex.

  51. ria says:

    i and my friend had sex on 3rd nov.in the evening and night, then i took an unwanted-72 on 4th morning, again then my friend insisted me and we had sex again on 4th night and 5th morning but his condom was not properly used and his sperms came out, again then i took another unwanted-72 on 5th evening, am i safe???? IS one dose of unwanted-72 enough for two short gap intercourses??? reply please

    • admin says:

      Yes, that should be enough but taking these pills at short intervals is not good for health, go for regular protection methods like condom in long term.

  52. arya says:

    last night i had unprotected sex with my gf. I am not sure whether some drops of sperm got inside her or not. But she took an unwanted-72 tablet after 12 or 13 hours. In the evening she told me that some white fluid is coming out from her vagina. Normally it comes out in summers when temp is too hot. is nythng need to woory abt it? her period cycle would distur or not? Please rply soon..

    • admin says:

      If the problem persists and is not a regular kind of thing, its better if she visits a gynae regarding this.

  53. Rajbir says:

    I had d sex with my gf last sunday morning and after 2 hours ..she had d one tablet unwanted 72…. but today she is saying she has missed her periods and prega news has shown her pOsitive results…..Can she be pregnant being taking that tablet….

  54. anonymous says:

    i and ma gf had sex on 21-11-11 aftrnoon and aftr sex ma girlfrnd had unwanted 72 aftr 1 hr…..aftr few hrs ma gf had a headache and vomitting sensation and in the evening she saw little blood in her urine….do we need to worry abt dis????….plz tell…plz

  55. puja says:

    y only 72 hours . how can you be so sure of being not pregnant if pill hv been taken with in 72 hrs?

    • admin says:

      These pills can even work upto 5 days but its recommended to be taken within 3 days i.e. 72 hours. The more earlier you take it the better. Also even if you take it as soon as possible, still there is always a chance of pregnancy and there is no 100% safe method. What these pills can do is give you a chance for not to be pregnant.

  56. anonymous says:

    no the problem is not dere nymre…there is no blood nw in her urine….she took d pill aftr 2 hrs…will she be pregnent????…please do rply….(in concern with the above suggestion you gave..)

    • admin says:

      Nothing to worry about this, it might just be the side effects of the pill. Eventually in a months time the periods will become normal.

  57. Sims says:

    me and my gf both are virgin bt on 19Nov we both were very excited and suddenly i put my penis with condom in front of her vagina n tried to rub it and then wen i was about to cum i held my penis with my hand bt some sperm fell in between her thighs bt after 8 hours she took emergency contraceptive pill n her regular periods are supposed to come on 20 nov n she is feeling like having periods bt she is not having?What we do nxt ? Please Reply soon….

    • admin says:

      As ur gf took pills on 19th, the normal periods might get delayed to a weeks time. Wait for a week for the periods to come.

  58. Alana says:

    i had sex on 13 nov but he didnt ejaculate but still to remain on the safer side i took u-72 within 24 hrs. my periods r supposed to come on 28th but i didnt get any side effects from the pill. am i safe?

  59. sneha says:

    last mnths periods was 28th but after taking U-72 this month periord come on 13th nov. its common to hear periods cycle can be late but in that case it come before and for 4 days. is there any worry? pls reply….

  60. gavendra says:

    i had dine sex with my gf @13 niteandwith in 24 hour she take unwanted 72 but today 23 nov she having bleeding & white brown discharge it is side effect or she is pragnant or its normal

  61. Sims says:

    with refer to my earlier question my gf missed her period for 3 days ,her periods came on 22 nov evening and last only for one day again she is feeling like having periods with pain also but she is not having periods ,is anything worried about that or its a side effect of Unwanted-72,kindly suggest,,,??

  62. Sims says:

    Admin Plz reply……….

  63. shyam says:

    today 24th i sex with my wife her perioshe starrt on 10th of this month i would like to know she need to take unwanted 72 or not.

  64. RITA says:


  65. ashwi says:

    i had sex with my boyfriend on 22oct, 1st nov and on 24nov. I had ‘unwanted 72′ tablet on 24nov within half-an-hour after having sex (unprotected always..). i had my normal periods from 11th nov.
    i read that it bleeds after taking that tablet,, but i dint have any bleeding yet & today is 26 nov. so when will it be bleeding? or will it bleed??
    please do reply.. wat more effects can i get?? and can i use ‘unwanted 72′ tablet again whenever i have sex???

  66. MIRA says:


  67. sri says:

    i am little tense,me and my g.f did un-protected sex on 14 oct .at morning
    she took i-pill with in 12 hour.his last day of period was 12th oct..
    and expected date is with delay of sideeffect of i-pill should 18-20 oct highest.
    but she is not getting period…till date 26 nov……we are little tense..
    we love lot eachother and it was my mistake…
    is she pregnent…? please suggest me?


  68. arya says:

    I had unprotected sex with my gf on 20th. I m nt sure weather some drops of my sperm got inside her or not. She took an unwanted 72 after 12 hrs. And her period got over on 19th. Bt now again she is having her period with heavy flow? Is there nythng 2 worry.. I am worried about it. Plzz reply soon.

  69. ashwi says:

    can i use unwanted-72 any time when i have sex???
    i had sex(without protection always) on 22oct, 1st nov and on 24th nov.i took unwanted72 on 24th nov within half-an hour having sex..i dint have any side effects yet.when will it bleed after taking that tablet?
    please reply… can i use unwanted-72 again when i have sex?? REPLY !!!!

  70. honey says:

    ma gf is having slight stomachache in her lower abdomen aftr 5-6 days of hvng unwanted 72??….is dere ny prob??

  71. aman says:

    i and ma gf had a unprotected sex on 19.11.11 at 12:30 to 12:45pm..bychance my sperms fall on her vagina..she took unwanted 72 at 10pm…anthor day she had a little bit of bleeding from her vagina…on 26.11.11 nd 27.11.11 blood is coming frm her vagina…her last period was on 10.11.11 to 13.11.11….she will be safe…plzzzz reply m very worried..plzzz..

  72. Harsha says:

    My friend had sex after her periods got over on 25nov. She had sex on 27 nov evening. Is it safe to use unwanted 72 or she dont have any problem in not using the pill huh..
    pls reply faster…

  73. rohit chaudhary says:

    i hav sex wid my gf and i don know whether i dischrge inside or not but as a precaution my girlfriend take the pill on 20 and we have sex on 18.her mensuration cyle was to take place on 22-24 but till now she doesnt have it i.e .pls rply whether there is anything to worry or not

  74. rohit says:

    i have sex wid my gf on 18 and she took the pill on 20 .we r not sure weder i discharge inside or not but as a precaution she took the pill.she had her period usually on 22-24 nov but after taking pill she had not period till now i.e 2/12/2011.pls sugeest if there is anything to worry

  75. shweta says:

    after sex i have taken pill then after 1 month i have peroids then after one month i have no peroids so i m very confuse that i m pregnent or not?

  76. akash says:

    my gf has taken u-72 and she got her periods 9 days before the expecged date, when will be her next period normal as before taking the pill or the day after taking the pill…. Please reply v bth r very much tensed..

  77. simran says:

    i had unprotected sex wid my husband on 30th nov.m not sure whether his sperms got inside me or not..though i tooktook unwanted72 after 48 hrs. nd my period were supposed to b started frm 1st dec. but still i havnt my period..me worried plz reply

  78. shaswat says:


  79. SHASWAT says:

    I ve made an unprotected sex on 28 nov and she take u72 after 4 hour she was expecting her perind on 4 dec. but her period delayed by 3 day i and she are worrid plz give me suggetion what should we do. is there possibility to come period.

  80. sriya says:

    hi.i m married and i had sex wid my husband on 7th nov.and after that i felt it was unprotected so i took unwanted 72.and now it is 7th dec,last i had periods on 1st nov,so it is late now,do i have to go for pregnancy test or is this an irregular time becoz of that contraceptive pill.do reply…

  81. Niky says:

    We ase sex in 2 desembr ani she took Unwanted 72 in 7th hour
    so their period date is 7 desembr
    so the bluding is start 5 dembrer only 1 day then bluding is stop
    any problem?
    Plz replz fast

  82. xyz says:

    agar 1month ka bad fir sa unwanted table li jaya to kuch side effect ho sakata hai kya fucther mai plz help me rly fast

  83. randomearth says:

    admin i just wanna ask that what should be the duration between the subsequent doses of these emergency pills as i had 1 and after having that i am going through contineous lower abdomen pain?

  84. moumeeta says:

    i am a 21yr old girl, i used unwanted 72 after 2 hrs of unprotected sex. but since 2 weeks prior to my menstruation, im facing regular brown spotting. does it mean that im pregnant or is it a side effect??? please help, im really in worries!!

  85. pappu says:

    i just rubbed my penis on my girlfriend’s vagina. non of us had ejaculated. she was wait on her vagina. and i am not sure weather i had any pre-ejaculation liquid on my penis or not. 2-3 minutes later i also inserted my finger into her. we both are virgin. i am afraid… 48 hours are over. i have bought u-72. but i am afraid that how will her body respond while taking pill for first time in life. please reply… she is 19 year old.

  86. sonali says:

    Me and my bf doing sex after 3 days of my periods we use condom bt i havea doubt than i took unwanted 72 in 6 hrs its safeor its anything 2 worry bt i took only one tab.

  87. Rocky says:

    I had sex yesterday night (8-12-2011), it is 9th day of my period. shall i take PILL???
    or it is not required??

  88. sonali says:

    Plz rply fast………..m so worrie plz help me

  89. janu says:

    hi…one small question related to Sex…if somebody participated in sex for so many times in a day and next day if they took U-72 will it works properly?
    let me know that 1 pill can be effective after sex till how many days/times eventhough if they involve in sex again.

  90. Sohil says:

    My gf had unwanted on monday and bleeding started on next sunday,stil bleeding is continued… When should bleeding stop please reply… She is too tensed and so am i… Its been 8 days bleeding is continue

  91. Sohil says:

    Is it normal to bleed so long?

  92. Sohil says:

    ADMIN please reply asap… I cant see her like this… And yes she took unwanted jus after 1hour of sex

  93. simran says:

    I had sex on 4 dec an had u-72 same day but suddenly what m seeing after havin pil my periods started with in six days on 10 dec today is my 2nd day where my cycle is of 27 of every month n last period i got was on 26 nov 2011 expected next on 27 dec ,, y in beween ? N bleeding is also not normal very less first day bleedin was like 4th 0r 5th day ,, m really worried is this normal ? M I pregnant ?
    Earlier also I had pil u 72 never faced such problem . Last I took u 72 last year n now this month ,, pls reply

    • simran says:

      As m seein last comment is also from simran both different person just replyin 4 no confusion ,,

  94. Mona says:

    today me and my boy friend participated in sex with out kondm
    but der is a no interaction
    can i take a unwanted72 pil?

  95. Mona says:

    is their any side effects with that unwanted72?
    their is a no interaction between me and my boy friend
    we just participated with out dress
    we just remove our clothes and we just started
    can i take the pil

  96. shweta says:

    can TB patients take unwanted 72

  97. priyanka says:

    mai 2,3 mnth ke lia pregnent nae hona chahti kya aap mujhe koi tablet suggest krenge aur jab mai pregnent hona chahu to kitne din pehle ise na lu,aur agr koi side effect ho to vo bhi bata dijia,mai apne husband ko batana nae chahti plzzzzzzzzzzz mujhe rpy kria.

  98. rahul says:

    My wife got +ve result after the pregnancy test, even after the unwanted 72 was consumed within 72 hours…may i know whether it will have any bad effects on foetus/baby’s health?

  99. saahil says:

    me and my Girlfriend had sex on 24-11-2011 but she took unwanted-72 within 30 minutes,her last period was on 16-11-2011. and she has an menstrual cycle of 30-31 days. but she complaints of blood from vagina on 01-12-2011 which lasted for 2-3 days. is it periods or implantation bleeding? can she be pregnant? i have gone through all the FAQs but could’nt find my answer there. please help

  100. Xyz says:

    I had sex with my gf n have taken unwanted72 in 2 hrs bt now she is not getng periods from 4 days
    N Its been more a month as she got her last periods
    Pls reply soon

  101. rimi 24 says:

    I had sex with my BF on 4th dec(unprotected),I took unwanted 72 within 30 minutes.I did not had any withdrawal bleeding.My last periods stopped on 25th Nov.Now on 19th Dec
    I had periods with less flows on 2-3 rd day as compared to previous months. Am i safe.Plz reply soon I am worried a lot.

  102. birju says:

    me and my wife is having intercourse by using condom but the condom is break while doing sex so she taken unwanted 72 just after 15 min from the intercourse
    but still she get pregnant
    may i know what’s the reason
    please reply

  103. Diksha says:

    1)How often can U-72 be taken?as in,is it safe to have U-72 twice with a gap of a week
    in between?
    2)being overweight, hypothyroid patient,and PCOD,what negative effects can U-72 have on me?is it recommendable for a person like me to use it,i am trying to lose weight,will it affect my weight loss?
    3)I generally experience bleeding for two days on taking U-72,generally which occurs after a week of consuming the pill,is this my normal period or are there still chances that i may be pregnant?
    Awaiting ur response.thank you

  104. Rahul says:

    I had sex with my gfrnd and she took unwanted 72 one tablet and nxt day repeated sex and i use condom any have worried that?

  105. lmn says:

    i and my partner had intercourse on 7 dec , which is aftr a day her menses ended. as we had an u-72 , 2days after the intercourse . now it has been 10 days when she is having vaginal bleeding(no periods yet)
    i m confused whether is it just the side effects or something to worry
    whether to go for a doctor?

  106. sanny says:

    i had sex with my gf on 19/12/11 with condom but it was break. so she took unwanted 72 on same day within 2 hours. expecting date for period is 23/12/11 but still it is not. is she pregnant?

  107. shu says:

    i hd got sex wid my hubby.i took unwanted 72 within 5 hr..aftr 3 days Nw i suffering frm pain in veGina while i us toilet…what is going to happen…..i m worried abt this… should i take anoher pill or meet the doctors…..

  108. anu says:

    does taking unwanted 72 affect the baby if u are already pregnant and didnt know about it.any side effects on the baby

  109. yash says:

    i had sex wid my gf , today at 10 am , she is 16 n m 18 , so is it safe to give her unwanted 72 ..
    But i dint ejacuate in her , but m not sure even .. :( plse help me its urgent :(

  110. raj says:

    what change in MC cycle after taking unwanted72
    it is irregular for first time or what?
    coz my girlfriend MC date is 5th but till date is 9th feb
    see taken unwanted 72 on 27jan
    so reply i am so worried

  111. Rammya Gayakwad says:


    I got period on 30th of Jan 2012, had intercourse with my hubby on the 7th day of my period where he leaked in completly postwhich i took unwanted 72 next day afternoon.
    I have got my periods again on 10th Feb although i finished my period just a week ago.

    The bleeding is a very heavy and severe abdominal paid. As per the comments you said there might be late or early period based on the cycle but i am shocked that I got P this early.

    Please advise as I can afford to bleed twice in a month. My hubby and I are really worried.

  112. lakeriser :) says:

    heyy admin.
    dude, I had unwanted 72 on 24th of jan this year. me and my bf are 90% sure that nothing actually happened. but I took the pill to be on a safer side. my regular pds took place on 7th jan, but this time, they came early on 1st feb. and today is 13th feb and they are still going on. However, the flow is light. I consulted a gyno and she askd me to get ultrasound done. Is there any chance that I am pregnant? cuz I know the fact that once pregnancy takes place, there are no chances of periods.
    I am worried.
    Is it like, pregnancy or only the side effects of unwanted? shall I go for ultrasound??
    please help! :/

  113. Rocky says:

    What are the serious sideeffects of unwanted72 that first time users might encounter?

  114. priya says:

    my period ended on 27th jan and on 5 th feb i had sex with my bf,we used a condom but we think it had brokken during the sex.after on 6th feb(morning)itook 1 pill of unwanted 72 but there was no bleeding aftr taking the pill and i had no stomchache…………plz tell me i m safe or not……

  115. heena says:

    hi admin disis really serous… i had periods on 4-2-2012 n had sex wid my bf on 10-2-2012 n took unwanted 72 aftr a day n nw i get my periods again on 17-2-2012 is it normal or chances to be get pregnant… plz suggest me some way.

  116. dev says:

    I and my gf had sex on 12th february..den she took unwanted 72 within 3 hours..den again we had again sex after d 48 hours of taking the first pill i.e. On 14th..den she again took d same pill within 1 hour..she completed her periods on 10th of dis month..now after 5 days on 19th she got bleeding..is it any side effect..is there any chance of pregnancy ?? Plz reply..its urgent…

  117. pooja says:

    i hav sex n me n my boy friend is not sure that our condom is broken or not….my doubt is after sex i got periods in 48 hours this 10days before as it comes monthly. imediatly i took unwanted-72….. plz say i m safe or not i worried

  118. Rani says:

    Is it safe to take a unwanted 72 pill before 1 or 2 days before the periods?
    Is is there any chance of pregnancy or any other periods related problems or any other problems?
    pls reply quickly.

    • admin says:

      The only problem I see in taking pills is that the periods will get further delayed and nothing else. But its good to be safe.

  119. asif babu says:

    i have sex 2 times and giving my girlfriend an unwanted pil within 72 hour.her period disturbing.is she on risk?or safe?

  120. Vijay says:

    The period of my wife ended on 09th Feb and we had unprotected sex on 10th Feb after that she took the unwanted 72 pills. Now on 22nd Feb period again got started. pls confirm the 2 questions ;

    1. Is Unwanted 72 can pre-pone the normal period ?
    2. When will be next period come 28 after this period close or cycle of normal Feb ?

    Pls confirm fast

  121. ishika says:

    after my perriod is over i had unwated sex with ma husband and after 5hr i take one uwanted 72..please tell me i m safe or not?

  122. karan says:

    Hello i had sex with my partner and during sex my condom got cracked and after 24 hrs she take emergency 72 ,
    She is not in regular periods .
    so can u tell me is there any chances of pregnancy or what kind of side effects possible.
    please reply soon .

  123. raju says:

    i had sex with my GF on 15th of Feb and she took an iPill after 24hrs. after taking the pill she got vomiting within half an hour. she was supposed get periods from yday onwards, but she didn’t.. is she pregnant. what we need to do.? pls rply soon

  124. rosy says:

    i hv done unprotected sex vd my husband on 8th feb at night 8.30 upto 10th mrng 7.00 n after tht by mrng 8.00 i hv tkn unwanted72 pill.bt lst mnth i hv my periods on 24th n ds mnth its upto 23rd till yet i hvnt hv my periods.if i vl count the days frm lst mnth periods date to this 23rd its totally of 31days.bt i hvnt face my periods till yet.plzz reply me will i be pregenant kya.plzzz rply me its urgnt for me help me out. i m in stress plzz help me

  125. rosy says:

    plzzz gv me the ans i m in tensed

  126. yeti says:

    hi, i have used unwanted 72 on 17th and have start over bleeding on 21st since 3 days now and still bleeding how long it goes like this and how to stop, I am bit scared now.

    please reply urgently.

    thanks in advance

  127. Anne says:

    I had protected sex with my bf on 26feb’2012 but the condom was torn and neither of came to know..when he went to wash and remove the condom, he saw that the condom was torn..one of my friend suggested me to have unwanted kit..please help me wat to do..?

  128. nikita says:

    i had a sex 04-02, i got my periods on 16-02 after taking the pills unwanted 72, on 26-02 it happened again unprotected…i m worried nw, what should i do?? should i take the pill again..should i concern a doctor?? plz reply soon

  129. Pinky says:

    hi, i had my periods on 12th Feb this month. On 21.Feb i had taken Unwanted-72 tablet since the condomn tore.

    On 27th Feb am having bleeding. Should i consider this as my periods Or it is just side effects of this tablet ?
    Please advs what would be next periods date… around 12th March Or around 27th March ? Kindly reply soon, thanks !

  130. Rani says:

    i had sex 3 days before my periods and took unwanted 72 within 6 hours. am i safe?

  131. garv says:

    i had unprotected sex due to condom failure with my girlfrnd on 25/02/12 and after 6 hours i gave her u-72 tab. Its ok bt today
    i-e 28/02/12 we again had unprotected sex due to d same reason as before and now she is asking for the u-72 tab again. Shall i give it to her or the previous tab will workout fine.. Or if yes, will it affect her.?

  132. Sparsh says:

    I had sex on 16 feb and immedieately took u-72 now i am suffering from breast tenderness,fatigue,frequent toilet.. Whereas me and my boy frnd have tested 2 times pragasure and the result was negative.. My regular periods starts from 24.. But this time they havent started.i m so much woried.please help me.plz

  133. prachi says:

    i didnt get my regular period on month of february ,then i had an unprotected sex(1st time) on 1/3/2012,then i took unwanted-72 within 6 hrs of sex.for safety i took another unwanted-72 after 12 hrs.still my period has not come yet.my last period date was 1/1/2012 which was for the month of december.i am very upset regarding this.plz solve my problem.is there any possibilities of became pregnant?after i taken that pill,there was no side effects i felt.is this normal ?plz reply..will i take any other medicine or that u-72 is enough ?

  134. max says:

    I had sex with my girlfriend and she has takes UNWANTED 72 after 48 hour but her mastrual cycle is not came still while her mc date was 04/02/12 and 4 days are passed me and my girlfriend worried about this please give me right information please

  135. meenakshi says:

    me and my boyfriend had sex on 11th we used protection but he ejaculated in the condom and we didnt switch the protection so for a safe side i had unwanted 72 after 24 hours and my period date was 9.3.12 am i safe ?

  136. murali says:

    my wife took unwanted 72 after 36th hrs of sex(28th feb).After 4 days(3rd march) she took primolit-N tablet 3 tblts . last month she had periods started on Feb 6th, but till yet she didnt have periods (14.3.2012, 34 days).pls tell is it pregnancy or side effects of the tablets.

  137. nikz says:

    can i take i-pill or u-72 after 72 hours?is it safe?is there any effect?

  138. rkm says:


  139. aaa says:

    I had sex with my bf on the 15th of march arnd 3-4am in d mrnin.. My period date is after 3days(on the 18th march). Its been 32hours. He sed dt d sperm did not go inside. But still I’m scared. Prob is dt I had 2 unwanted pills arnd 6months bak. I’m jus 18. Should I have the 3rd one? Won’t it b harmful? Plz reply fast. I’m waiting. Hlp me out.

  140. anita says:

    I had sex on 15.3 at 11pm and took UW72 on 16.3 at 8am, on 17.3 (today) 6am I m havn bleeding in drops with pain in bottom area. last period ended on 10.03. Plz advc if d pain and bleedn are normal or do I hv to consult a doc

  141. Rani says:

    I had sex my bf and I taken unwanted 72 in 3hours. After second day I bleeding and this bleeding is closed in 2days so I take no tenson but after 2days I start bleeding.. Then I what to do plz help

  142. Dev says:

    i have sex with my gf on 4.3.12 using condoms…after that my g.f was not sure weather it was 100% safe so i gave her u72 in the 3rd day within 72 hours…that means double protection ..Is it safe?

  143. anita says:

    My regular menses are over and then I had sex with my boyfriend without condom but taken unwanted 72 within 72 hours and then after 1 week again i got periods…am i safe..and i am also taking medicine of epilepsy(Desval ER 500 mg)…plz solve my query as early as possible………

  144. Meena says:

    i hv sx with my hsbnd bt i dnt want to b prgnant nw so i take the unwanted-72 within 36hrs so i hv to worry abt prgnancy or nt Plz rply me fast and i have nw after 10 days of taking tablt i found pain in back nd lower abdominal pain so is there any prblm plz rply me fast

  145. adam says:

    Is there any side effect of unwanted72 if u take it by misake….