Unwanted 72; Dosage & Effects

If there is any failure in protection and un-protected sex and you do not want to be a pregnant, then one unwanted 72 capsule within 72 hours will get rid of undesired frequency. Unwanted 72 is an oral contraceptive pill. Prevention is better than cure, first of all if you do not want to be a pregnant take all the precaution, unprotected sex is not recommended. If those protections fail or you committed an unprotected sex, within 72 hours take one unwanted 72. After unwanted 72 your menstruation cycle disturbs slightly, but you really need not worry about it. But a regular usage of unwanted 72 or any other contraceptive pill is highly not recommended.

A repeated usage of contraceptive pills will lead to heavy stomach ache, body changes, irregularity of periods, over bleeding and many other problems. It would be worst in front of your family and friends to reveal that you are a pregnant, so do you use protection, if fails one unwanted 72 will do the job. The cost on tablet is Rs.80, it will be available in all medical shops, there is no need of a prescription to buy an unwanted 72 pill.


However you can go to this post: Unwanted Pregnancy and its Bad Effects and ask questions at the bottom section on that page.

Update: General Answers to Questions:

1. If you got periods after taking unwanted 72, that means you are safe and no need to worry.

2. If you have taken unwanted 72 very close to the expected period date (i.e. around 2-3 days to 7 days before of your expected periods), then this can delay your periods. So nothing to worry if periods get delayed after taking unwanted 72 as in most cases it does delay if you have taken it very close to your expected period date. Wait for 10 to 15 days more and if still no periods come, get a home pregnancy kit and get a pregnancy test done at home.

3. In some cases side effects like irregular periods can occur. You should wait till the periods get normalized and it may take around 2 months for few. So don’t panic and visit a Gynec if possible.

4. In some cases, a minor spotting can occur which is different from the regular periods and people should not miscalculate spotting for periods. Spotting can occur between periods.

5. Taking unwanted 72 within 72 hours is usually safe, and so everybody who has taken it in 48, 36 or 24 hours is also safe.

Special Note: No contraceptive provides 100% protection from pregnancy. So its advised to use a condom every time and use unwanted 72 as an emergency contraceptive only.


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