Risk Of Side Effects In Mammogram

A mammogram is a diagnostic test takes pictures of interior structures of the breast tissue with help of radioactive energy. This is one of the best ways to find the breast tumors, but it has few side effects.

1. A mammogram exposes the body to radioactive energy and it includes few side effects. The most possible side effects are the radioactive energy can reduce the blood cell counts, diarrhea, skin reactions, vomiting and may increase the risk of cancer.

2. The federal government has made few rules to use the radiation on women during the mammograms to keep the radiation level low and also reduce the side effects.

3. In a mammogram, the x-ray technician compresses the breast with the help of special platform. This doest not affect the breast tissue, but there is a chance of discomfort due to the pressure.

4. A mammogram manages the radiation near the pelvis and hardly doctors advise the test for the pregnant women to avoid any problem for increasing fetus. A mammogram holds very less risk than the breast tumor which is left without treated.

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