Infections Caused By Endometrial Ablation

Endometrial ablation is used for treating extreme or expanded menstrual bleeding in woman. During this process there is a little risk of infection that can be caused.

1. During this process, the doctors will remove a layer of lining of uterus which will stop the menstrual bleeding.

2. The patients with who face the infection will suffer for about 7 days or after few weeks it will make you feel unhealthy causing severe low back ache as well as foul vaginal discharge.

3. A broad spectrum antibiotic is used for treating any infection which occurs after the endometrial ablation.

4. The infection is left untreated, it can slowly move to fallopian tubes as well as the pelvis.

5. Sometimes the doctor may prescribe prophylactic antibiotics before starting the surgery to avoid infection after the endometrial ablation.

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