Get relief from the muscle knots

There are chances that everyone suffers at least once in a lifetime with the pain of a knotted muscle. The muscle may knot up suddenly during a sleep and sometimes it occurs with a little provocation.

1. In case of a muscle knot apply heat on the affected area as it will help in relaxing the muscle and release the knot. If the knot occurs due to an injury use an icepack and go to a doctor.

2. While suffering from a muscle knot try massaging the area as early as possible. If the muscle knot occurs in the leg one can massage it by themselves or find a good masseuse to get a massage. Most of the time the muscle knots occurs in the shoulder and neck area, so take a hot shower and then use the massaging pillow.

3. Stretch the muscle which will help the muscles surrounding the knotted muscle from compressing. The muscle must be stretched a little at a time.

4. Take the medicines which are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxers. Try eating a banana or take calcium and magnesium tablet.

5. Use a topical cream for muscle pain as it can be useful before a massage. The topical creams provide only temporary relief and relax the muscles slightly.

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