Details About The Hair Perm

Perms will help to chemically adjust the hair to get wave or curl which can stay for a period of 3-4 months before losing its shape.

1. There are various kinds of perms such as alkaline, acid and exothermic. Alkaline perms can be used on fine hair which is very hard to curl, acid perms can be used to make full bodied curl on normal hair and exothermic perms will produce heat and can be used on coarse and chemically resistant hair.

2. Permanent will help to provide body and wave to the flat and lifeless hair. It can also include control to the wiry, coarse hair and it will also take less time to style the hair.

3. Perms will make curls by reducing natural bonds of the hair and restructuring the hair to imitate the shape of rod used.

4. The curl size achieved is due to the rod size used during perming. The larger rods will help in waves and body and small rods will create true or looping curls.

5. Perms must not be combed or brushed when it is dry and proper care must be taken like applying styling product, allowing to air dry and picking out curls when wet.

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