Creating A Pronto Weave

A pronto weave are very much similar to a quick weave and fix pronto weaves onto the natural hair with the help of a hair gel solution. Here are few ways for making a pronto weave.

1. First shampoo and condition the hair, then comb the hair and create a ponytail. Hold the hair into position using a rubber band and smooth the hair with a hair gel.

2. Next dry the hair with hair dryer for about 20-30 minutes depending on the hair type. Then apply a Morning Glory Gro-Protect Solutions gel over the hair and use a tint brush to smooth the entire head.

3. Keep the weft of hair extension against lowest part of the hair and cut the weft. Apply the bonding glue on weft of the hair extensions and then fix it to the head using glue side down.

4. Finally cut and bond the hair into place and place wefts on the hair in a circular motion. Then cut and style the hair according to your desire.

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