Proper Sitting Positions for a Woman

Whether in airports, restaurants, doctors’ offices, or parties, I’ve seen some interesting sights! You women who wear skirts knee-length or shorter and who are sitting in chairs (especially ones that sink to the back), realize your under-thighs, panties, and crotch are in full view if you sit with your legs and feet apart!

If you’re going for a tasteful, elegant look, try the classic “T” position while sitting in a chair:

1. After you’ve landed in the chair, position your hips even with the front line of the chair. Glide your hips to the back of the chair or remain in the front, whatever is comfortable for you. To glide to the  back, place your hands on the chair-front edge, lift yourself slightly, and slide back.

2. Place your feet on the floor perpendicular under your knees. One can be in front of the other, whatever is comfortable, so long as they are kept together. Slide your feet slightly forward to give your legs a nice line. Your feet look best when they’re in the basic stance position. Body language point – don’t tuck your feet under the chair; you’ll look timid and subdued.

3. Crossing your feet at the ankles really looks nice, as does placing one foot directly in front of the other foot about six inches apart. Crossing your legs looks great too but decide when it’s appropriate, considering what you’re wearing and whether your skirt rides up too high in that position.

4. Sitting straight looks better than hunching forward.

5. Your hands look best when they’re resting on your lap off to one side rather than plopped in the middle.

6. When sitting on a low bench or stool, your leg line looks best if you put your knees together off to one side, ankles crossed.

All these practice steps may seem like a lot of effort at first, but elegance and beauty depend on your natural movements. Practice in private means looking natural in public and portraying the image you desire.

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