What Is Beauty – How to Describe Beauty of a Woman

Beauty in the ultimate sense is based on ageless secrets that withstand time, secrets that come from a source I have found is true.

It’s impossible to define beauty as a response to only what you can see—just by today’s “latest” meaning of beauty, because that’s simply too shallow for our purposes.

To the ancients, beauty was a large focus of life and source of pleasure, to the extent that beautiful things were worshiped and beautiful people were treated like idols. That is not what I’m condoning here.

Throughout my fashion career, I’ve personally learned how “beauty” is multifaceted and is obviously more than skin deep. I’ve learned of natural beauty, self-created beauty, and beautiful abilities. But the greatest treasure God has revealed to me is timeless beauty—beauty that never ends. The Father, through every woman He ever created, gives us perfect evidence of that. God displays timeless beauty as He uses each woman’s endowments—whether physical, of character, or of talent—to carry out His plans.

There is much power in beauty. A woman who believes she is beautiful seems to be able to accomplish things others cannot. “Beautiful people” receive favor that sometimes does not even seem merited. Enjoyable? Probably. Short-lived? Usually.

There is far greater power, though, in timeless beauty: living a life of significance in God’s eyes.

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